Ian McNally

Testing API calls regardless of domains

April 09, 2015

To test an API call in Angular (with jasmine), you inject $httpBackend, having it expect a method & URL call, then verify there aren’t any outstanding requests or expectations:


it('should GET from the API with parameters', function(){

But what if your API switches based on environment? Then your tests might fail when running outside of development.

Luckily, $httpBackend has got your back (I’ll take that pun, thankyouverymuch). You can add regular expressions to the expectGET (and the other METHODS), so your expectation is domain agnostic:

var apiUrl = function(params) {
  return new RegExp('http.*(.com|000)/api' + params);

The regular expression is up to you. I wrote this one quickly to capture localhost:x000 or company.com.

Now my tests run free, and yours will too.

Ian McNally

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